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The Rocky Mountaineer – one of the world’s great rail journeys

SPOILER ALERT If you are ever likely to do this wonderful journey, just do it. For heavens sake just discover it for yourselves.

Otherwise – on we go.  By all means enjoy this feeble attempt to record a few of our impressions.

From the moment we stepped out of our taxi at the dedicated terminal at Vancouver we knew we were doing something special. Read more…

Day 23 : Vancouver – perfect choice for our longer stay

Just as in Monument Valley three weeks ago, and in a Barbara Kingsolver that Lesley has just finished, our fourth and final day in Vancouver brought home to us the extent to which, all over the world, Westerner’s are trying to make some amends for the terrible arrogance with which they set out to obliterate the cultures of indigenous peoples.


Having proudly mastered Vancouver’s excellent bus service we put our $1.75s into the coin counter by the driver of the C23 into town and then used the same ticket to transfer to a 14 trolley bus (electric) for 33 stops to the University of British Columbia’s beautiful, park-like campus. (Google Maps’ route-finding app once again invaluable) Read more…

Day trip to Victoria and The Butchart Gardens

Quick breakfast in our room before pickup by the Landsea Tours shuttle bus at 6.55.


René our excellent guide, who shows us pictures of his dog, his wife Rose, and entertains us with Groucho Marx style one-liners, eventually completes his complement of 24 from different hotels: American, Swedish, Swiss, New Zealander, Glaswegian, Asian and we’re off. Read more…

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