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The Icefields Parkway – Jasper to Lake Louise


Walked to the station and picked up our second hire car, this time from Hertz. Honda Elantra. Brand new. Nice.


Drove back to the Tonquin Inn, collected bags and checked out.

Leisurely drive down this superb mountain route, initially opting for two sections of the old road : 93A and 93B.



First serious stop Athabasca Falls…


…where we got a good, sustained sighting of a black bear:


From there on the road ran through increasingly spectacular scenery

Hit snow as we approached the Columbia Icefield…


… and lingered over a simple lunch at the Centre while the cloud lifted from the mountains and glaciers all around


And so onwards..





to Lake Louise, where we are due to  spend the last couple of days of our holiday.

Although the thermometer reads only 3° it doesn’t feel really cold. In fact, apart from when we walked out of the air conditioned Las Vegas airport nearly four weeks ago and felt the heat hit us, we really haven’t experienced any extremes of temperature.

And this is the first post I have managed to do on the day itself. Must be getting more used to the process of doing it entirely on my mobile phone… So, for once, I am up to date. Provided the hotel WiFi is up to coping with the upload. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “The Icefields Parkway – Jasper to Lake Louise”

    1. Even better – we’ve been walking in grizzly country today. We had been schooled in how to be safe and the main thing is to show you’re coming by making lot of noise. Antigonus did the wrong thing by exiting – he should have stayed on stage, played dead, or as last resort fought back. I found singing Italian songs a good repellant.


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