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Why only half new teachers in England are still in it 5 years on…

From the Guardian’s second editorial today:

“…young teachers [in England] are leaving so fast that, five years after qualifying, only half of recruits are still teaching. Compare that with more than 90% in Scotland, where, as the Teacher Development Trust points out, there are no league tables, the inspection regime is constructive more than judgmental, and the minatory approach to lesson planning is absent.”

Mr Gove, what is so difficult about that?

2 thoughts on “Why only half new teachers in England are still in it 5 years on…”

  1. Hi James- I have been enjoying reading your various blogs this morning-we took our children to The Green Man music festival a couple of weeks ago and there was a brilliant group if childrens entertainers in the kids field. Most of their shows were about ‘celebrating all the things we are a bit rubbish at – for example the host said ‘I’m a bit rubbish at drawing- but it doesn’t stop me from doing it- I love just doing it’ It was great particularly after receiving Lola’s school report which read like some strange code- ‘above national expectation 4-1b here, below expected level 2c/d there. ‘ which didn’t make much sense and the teachers didn’t have much time or space to write many personal observations. Why bother with all this ridiculous testing in favour of fun creative activities – what’s the point in having literate but bored children who haven’t got anything remotely interesting to write about?


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