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Kew Gardens and the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture installation

Dale Chihuly’s blown glass sculptures were a memorable feature of our visit to Seattle three years ago, and when we saw that Kew Gardens has a major exhibition of his work running this summer we decided to visit.
Our arrival time, after an hour’s drive, worked perfectly so that we were in position just as Sunday parking on the road outside became legal at 10am.

The whole visit to this superb garden was an absolute delight. So I thought I’d share some of the pictures in the hope of encouraging others to go as well.

Day trip to Victoria and The Butchart Gardens

Quick breakfast in our room before pickup by the Landsea Tours shuttle bus at 6.55.


RenĂ© our excellent guide, who shows us pictures of his dog, his wife Rose, and entertains us with Groucho Marx style one-liners, eventually completes his complement of 24 from different hotels: American, Swedish, Swiss, New Zealander, Glaswegian, Asian and we’re off. Read more…

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