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My phone thinks we walked 9½ miles yesterday and Lesley’s pedometer 10½. But we emerged from our “Ultimate” variety show in Planet Hollywood at about 10.00pm surprisingly fresh and hardly at all foot sore.


Again, the scale of everything beggars description and certainly my powers of photography.

We started in the vast Venetian complex soon after 9.00 while it was all still quiet. So we toured the canal and St Mark’s Square in relative peace – under the convincing artificial sky.


The man who sold us a SIM card for Lesley’s phone rose to my mention of the T word. “For sure it’s a lot of fun”. But he went on that it was hard to tell which had been more unlikely – that or the Leicester City story. More evidence that the story has caught the imagination of the world.

He, like almost everyone else, from women serving us breakfast to men cleaning a huge stone fountain we asked for some direction or other, have an open friendliness and genuine interest which is a real delight.

The uniformed “ambassador” in the lift up the Eiffel Tower tells us that the Trump tower is the only hotel in Vegas which doesn’t have a casino.


Everywhere we went we moved seamlessly from marble opulence into expansive gaming halls, and back again, just to get about.


Slept right through to 5.00 this morning. Good progress. Lesley has already had a swim in the nearest of the resort’s four pools. We can pick up our hire car from Treasure Island (where else?) any time after 8.00.

2 thoughts on “Vegas!”

    1. Absolutely right. And the drive today has been brilliant. But there’s been quite a lot of rain and actually some sleet! Just arrived at the Grand Canyon. I have never seen Mum so moved…


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