Generally Speaking

The Grand Canyon

Early to bed and early to rise (very, both) comes naturally thanks to the time change. So, up and out at 5.30am in case there’s any sun-rise.


Not really. But all to ourselves as we walked East along the beautifully made rim trail with its bronze insets representing geological time as one long pace for a million years and examples of the different ages of rock mounted as you go. Little sighting tubes cleverly directing your eye to features, usually lost in mist.


But wonderfully evocative glimpses repaid our venture through what was often driving snow.


Coffee and a hot croissant at the visitors centre cafe after four miles, then in to see an excellent big-screen introductory film show when it opened at 8.00, then back to Bright Angel Lodge on the free shuttle bus.


After a rest we emerged into sunshine and the mist completely cleared from the view…

Red route shuttle bus 9 stops west to Hermit’s Rest at the far end of the rim trail. Slow, multilingual queue for tuna sandwiches and a bottle of florescent green liquid from the deeply unhurried, muffled-up snack-bar lady doing everything herself.

Walk home along the trail indescribable. So just a couple of pictures here:



Groups and families of every nation. Only a few seemed to be walking more than a couple of bus stops. Probably the serious walkers take the trail down into the canyon.

Everywhere a wonderful absence of Thou shalt not notices. Great to be treated as responsible grown-ups as we constantly skirt unguarded precipices.


Not at all the stereotype of American risk-aversion which excuses so much intrusive nannying back home. Interesting…

More driving wind and this time hail for the last couple of miles home. 12½ miles total for the day. Stiffish but coping well, and amazing Rohan trousers immediately bone dry so that they were fine for supper in the evening.

Lights out at 8.30.

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