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We feel immediately at home in Seattle, although it is another huge, modern city. Cooler, clearer air, more space, lots of trees,   A whole day there is perfect for Lesley’s birthday.

The hotel’s complimentary shuttle in and out of the centre takes away any incentive to learn how to use the public transport, so with walking and a couple of taxis, that’s all we need.

It’s raining, but coming up from the south we understand just how precious rain is and we don’t mind. But it’s inside activities for preference.

We arrive at the Pacific Science Center just before it opens…


And, of all things, we start with a wonderful 3D IMAX film on the Galapagos Island, scripted by David Attenborough, no less. (No mention of Charles Darwin).
Excellent interactive demonstrations and a nice tropical butterfly enclosure.



Then the Chihuly Exhibition and Garden – all adjacent to the emblematic Space Needle – which we passed, mainly because of the weather. The glass sculptures had been one of Lesley’s prime objectives and we were not disappointed:




Nice light lunch in a perfect little coffee shop…


…then back to the hotel via the incredibly popular (and crowded) Pike Market where we bought some presents.



Lovely, simple but imaginative meal at The Lookout, a justified recommendation from Trip Adviser.


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